A very special birthday celebration

A very special birthday celebration

Last weekend we had a very special joint birthday to cater for. Nicki's daughter Penny and Aimee's son Dylan both have birthdays very close together so we all had a big farm birthday party together. 

The barn the previous week was the location of our annual shearing so alot of work was put in to clean up and get it ready. We had potatoe boxes as tables, a huge carpet farm set up complete with straw bales and even a bouncy castle! The barn looked amazing and the kids loved their party with all their friends.

The childrens food table was left to the grandparents to arrange with enough sandwiches and cakes to feed an army!

The adult catering was ofcourse supplied by Cookhouse On The Hill. We used the new hog roaster for the first time and tested it out with 3 whole pork shoulders and a piece of beef brisket. Accompanied by yummy salads, vegetable quiche, apple sauce, stuffing, homemade horseraddish and finished off with homemade cheescake, the food was fabulous!

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